Nature Lover

Nature’s magnificence- the myriad colors of a sunset or a roaring waterfall, the wild vastness of the desert or the grandeur of a mountain range washes one with a sense of calm and peaceful solitude. Its beauteous charm works its spell on you while its sheer magnitude amazes you.

We at TM2I have the perfect expeditions planned to nature’s lap and beyond for you. Want to discover one of India’s most secluded regions? Embark on an easy Sham Valley trek and watch as the gorgeous scenery with quaint Ladakhi villages, ancient monasteries, apple and apricot orchards, the scenic Indus River, and the striking mountain passes unfold before your eyes or behold the magnificent sight from the top of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, a 200m tall solidified magma plug from a long eroded and extinct volcano as it towers over its beautiful surroundings.

Let the gentle waves of the Ganges in Benares guide your boat as the rays of the early morning sun bathe the Ghats along the river or ride your camel into the sunset in the desert city of Manvar. Enjoy the lush fruit orchards and dark forests in the ‘Queen of Mountains’, Manali or be mesmerized by the changing hues of the waters of the beautiful Pangong Tso from a pale green to a dark blue to sometimes crystal clear in Ladakh.

Love making friends on a holiday? Make some from a different species here with us! Watch dolphins, intelligent and loving creatures that enjoy human company, and whales off the coast of Galle or ride the two-humped Bactrian camels in the desert between the Hundar and Diskit villages in the valley. Experience the bone-chilling thrill of watching one of the most powerful predators- the majestic Bengal Tiger - in action in one of their last remaining natural habitats in the Ranthambore National Park.

Feel the presence of something more majestic, eternal and significant than us. Come and be awed by the mystery and power of nature.

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