Extreme Sports

What better way to enjoy a breathtaking view than from 10,000 feet above ground level? Savor the feeling of exhilaration as you stand on a mountain peak and take in the spectacular view which lies beneath you or feel the adrenalin rush through your body as do a flying fox and zip past hills, rivers and valleys on steel wires. Let this passion drive you to greater heights and deeper seas, faster currents and steeper mountain slopes. Indulge in it and emerge victorious, refreshed, pumped up and ready to take the world.

Adventure sports need not be limited to any particular season. While summers herald a rising popularity in water sports, winter sports can be enjoyed in sub-zero temperatures. Experience a completely different world down under with water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving in New Zealand’s waters teeming with marine life and beautiful deep sea corals or feel the chilled winter air rush past as you ski down the majestic slopes of the Himalayas.

With trained and experienced guides and knowledge of the latest equipments, we at TM2TW offer you these thrills in a completely secure environment. So go ahead and take the heart stopping leap of faith as you skydive and feel the splendid scenery rush towards you.

Get ready to challenge yourself; get ready to live on the edge.

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